Can the heart’s orders overrule the chain of command?

Can the heart’s orders overrule the chain of command?


     "Awesome. If you haven't already read it, the first book in this series is Basic Training of the Heart and it is definitely worth your hard earned cash. While 'Heart's Orders' could work as a standalone novel, the first third of it overlaps with some of the timeline from the preceding book, giving us other characters' perceptions on events.

One major thing that this change in perspective gives is more depth into Rain's motivations and internal struggles during Basic Training. No longer is she just Bett's lover and a strict but fair authority figure, she is now a deep but also somewhat flawed individual.

As stated in the blurb, we also have another romance. Thankfully this is far from the traditional fare. I don't want to say too much, as I'd run the risk of spoiling how it is played out in the pages of this wonderful book. All I will say is that I was very pleasantly surprised by how well written and unpredictable it was.

Highly recommended and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series!"

- AJ Smith -- Goodreads


      "Heart's Orders continues to share how Rain and Bett's relationship is growing from Basic Training, but new characters and relationships have emerged. Not only do these characters struggle with having to hide their relationship due to the time period, but they work to overcome other issues that many gays, especially women, today can probably still relate to. The author continues to follow the integrity of historical fiction writing and at the same time, gives us believable characters who, had we lived during this time period, we might have felt and acted in a similar fashion. I like how Jaycie is able to keep us connected to Rain and Bett's relationship and at the same time, give us a different struggle in the relationship between characters Helen and Tee. I hope Jayce is busy writing her next book in The Love and Courage Series because I am looking forward to the continuation of these characters, along with new ones I am sure she will be adding!"

- Mattie -- Amazon



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September 1944. Private Helen Tucker has two goals—to drive for the Women’s Army Corps motor pool and to convince Tee Owens to be more than best friends. Helen has always done whatever it takes to survive, and she’s not good at waiting for what she wants. But Private Teresa Owens is a good Baptist girl who’s struggling with how her feelings for Helen can be wrong when she can’t bear to be without her.

Sergeant Gale Rains has learned to make her way in both the Sioux and White worlds, but will her love for Bett Smythe put her career in the WAC at risk? Private Elizabeth Smythe hopes Rain will be her future, but is she truly free from her past, including her class-conscious family?




     "This is the second book in the Love and Courage series. The two books actually enhance each other. This book picks up before the first actually ends. It shows the POV of other people, and what they were doing during that same time period. Then the book goes past where book 1 ended, and you get to see what happens to the main couple from book 1, and the new main couple from this book. It is actually quite clever how Morrison chose to do this; this is not a normal sequel. My personal recommendation, to really enjoy this series, read Basic Training of the Heart first, then read this book while book 1 is still fresh in your mind. I think Morrison writes characters very well. They are all far from perfect, and it is nice to see them evolve.

This book does deal with a few tough subjects.... But Morrison didn’t just throw it in. It really explains why one character is still dealing with a lot and effected still to this day. But this is not a dark book. In fact, the romance seems to be amped up from book 1, especially for Bett and Rain. Where they are in their life, they have more time to be together, and it shows. Morrison can write some really sweet and poetic lines. I found myself almost swooning a bit. I don’t mind a little sugar sweetness sometimes.

If you enjoy military love stories, definitely give this series a chance. At times it can be wonderfully romantic, especially this book. I will absolutely keep my eye out for what Morrison writes, in the future."

- Lex Kent
An ARC was given to me by BSB, for a honest review


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