With the whole world at war, victory is never certain as two women wage their own battles of will and desire.

With the whole world at war, victory is never certain as two women wage their own battles of will and desire.

"Set in 1944 the story takes place within The Women's Army Corps (WAC). The author addresses the hardships these inspiring women faced on many levels. Throw in an American Indian and a spoiled socialite who has a problem with authority, makes an interesting read. I learned a few historical facts about American Indians and the WAC'S in the process. Priding myself on being a history buff this is always a delight in a work of fiction.
I would like to suggest; sequel please. Perhaps an in depth story on Sargent Rains and a separate one about Bett. These characters are too interesting and complex for just one book, in my opinion. like I stated above, always craving more.

An enjoyable first novel from Jaycie Morrison

Reviewed by BJ
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"Basic Training of the Heart is an interesting and clearly well-researched book. I felt immersed in the time and appreciated that the style made it very easy to read while taking in so much information. The romance burns slow and it also builds slowly throughout Bett’s eight weeks of basic training. This made it believable and satisfying for me when they finally end up together, even if I wonder what happens to them when the war is over. There are some great WWII lesbian romances out there and you can count Basic Training of the Heart among them. It’s well worth a read and I look forward to seeing what’s next in this series.

Reviewed by Tara Scott -
The Lesbian Review


"Now, this was a very pleasant read. Both characters are very likable, even though from the start you can see that Sergeant Rains is going to be more complex character, the one with a deeper background. The whole military - sexuality topic was presented realistically enough, and I loved the time period where the whole plot happens ( WW II )."

Reviewed by DM
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The second book in the Love and Courage Series, Heart's Orders, is set for publication and will be available in October of 2017. I'm very excited and I hope you are, too. Here's a sneak peek at the cover.



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